Boutique Winery Tour Queenstown

A boutique winery tour is a wonderful way to explore the vineyards of Gibbston Valley, near Queenstown. Famous for their world-class pinot noir, the vineyards you will visit are set in the truly breathtaking scenery of an alpine valley.

Raising grapes this far south is hard work. But one sip of Gibbston Valley pinot noir tells you the effort is absolutely worthwhile.  This area, outside Queenstown, is fondly known as the “Valley of the Vines”. And it is one of the most scenic wine growing areas in New Zealand. The vineyards are sandwiched between rugged mountains and the rocky Kawarau River gorge.

This high altitude area is subject to cold winters, hot dry summers and a huge night-to-day temperature range. But these challenging conditions have produced consistently superb wines. And worldwide recognition and an avalanche of international awards followed.  More than 70% of the grapes grown here are pinot noir. Other varieties include chardonnay, pinot gris, riesling and sauvignon blanc.