Buried Village Museum

Rotorua‘s Buried Village Museum houses a valuable collection of Victoriana and specific relics of the 1886 Tarawera eruption.  Items recovered from the post eruption ruins of Te Wairoa through years of excavation are on display. Combined with an archaeological walk the museum is an intriguing insight into the reuption and the history of tourism in Rotorua.

Located in Rotorua near to Lake Tarawera, the museum wing gives visitors a unique view of the devastation of that 1886 eruption. You’ll learn how that fateful night changed lives and the landscape forever.  This was a very significant event in the Rotorua area’s history.

Displays in the museum are designed around themes. These describe significant parts of the devastating eruption. And they show how Maori and European cultures integrated during an important phase in New Zealand’s social development.

Combine the informational aspect of the museum visit with the up-close and personal archaeological walk. The walk and the relics of Te Wairoa leave a lasting effect. You’ll gain a great understanding of the history of this famous tourist city.