East Cape Manuka Company

Natural Solutions Ltd was formed in 1994 to develop and market a range of natural skin care products based on the Manuka Oil produced at Te Araroa. This followed the discovery that the Manuka trees growing in this small isolated area contained an essential oil in their tiny leaves that possessed powerful curative properties. 

Te Araroa is a small township perched alongside the sea on the north-eastern tip of the remote and rugged East Cape of the North Island of New Zealand. The population of the district is around 1200, most of whom are of Maori descent. And the company has retained strong local ownership.

The Manuka trees grow wild on the hills of Maori tribal lands. And leaves are harvested by the local people and supplied to the company for processing.

You can learn about and try Manuka products — essential oils, leaves and honey — at the Cape Manuka Café and Visitors Centre.  Or just relax in the garden and enjoy a tasty snack.