Gravetye Garden

Gravetye is a formal garden in Hawera, Taranaki.  It’s a garden that celebrates the simplicity of mass green planting. Wander along the perennial border, pass the sunken vegetable garden, the reflection pool, the pleached limes & the laburnum arch.

The plants are from a limited colour palette. Roses are white or burgundy Icebergs or Golden Wings. You will also see sculptures, plantings of iris, roses and lavender. Indeed, your eye is drawn to a stunning piece of sculpture at the end on many of the views offered. And there is even a grassy pyramid in one of the rooms.

The garden was designed, planted and is maintained by the owners. The immaculate lawns are bordered by carefully designed hedging. The Laburnum Arch walkway was drips with yellow flowers, the Pleached Lime Walk and the other hedging and topiaries provide strong lines. All testament to the owners’ commitment to their design aesthetic and prowess with the hedge trimmer.