National Kiwi Hatchery Tour

The National Kiwi Hatchery is set in flourishing native forest and natural springs at Rainbow Springs Nature Park in Rotorua. It is the most successful Kiwi hatchery in the world.

The National Kiwi Hatchery is the national leader in kiwi husbandry, egg incubation systems, hatching techniques and kiwi chick rearing. When you join one of the available experiences, you’ll may get to see kiwi eggs being incubated, the hatching process and if you’re lucky, newly hatched kiwi chicks.

Most of the action usually happens in the morning, but regardless of the time of day you visit, you’ll experience conservation in action in this nationally significant kiwi hatchery.

Some visitors may have the chance to witness the kiwi chicks getting a health check, being weighted or fed. The routine usually takes place in the morning. Whatever time of day you visit, the Hatchery, the guides and kiwi caregivers always aim to give visitors the best Kiwi experience.