Tane Mahuta Kauri Tree

Tāne Mahuta/ “God of the Forest”, is a giant kauri tree in Waipoua Forest in NZ’s Northland Region. Its age is unknown, but it is estimates range between 1,250 and 2,500 years. A short walk from the road leads you under cooling shade of the forest canopy to the majestic tree.  

Named for the Māori god of forests and of birds, the tree is huge and quite breathtaking. New Zealand’s largest living kauri tree, it is guaranteed to inspire awe in visitors.

Not far into the walk, a sweeping corner of the track suddenly brings you face to face with Tane Mahuta. You’ll feel compelled to pause for a while, when you catch your first view of the magnificent tree. You can almost feel the tree’s strength and ancient presence. And its size makes visitors look like dwarfs.

There is a wooden fence and a seat to view the tree. And you can move further along the track, which leads to another viewing platform, and a broader view of Tāne Mahuta.