Whangamomona Hotel

Whangamomona is a great place to spend some time.  The remote community has been an independent republic since the 1980s. And Whangamomona Hotel, dating from 1912, is the centre of this fascinating place. 

In the 1980s local government changed local district boundaries to reflect the watersheds of the main rivers. This made half of the Whangamomona District part of the Manawatu region rather than Taranaki. Some locals were lucky, as their farms stayed within Taranaki. Many found themselves in the Manawatu, though, and this did not sit well as most of the community associate themselves with Taranaki.

The locals’ stubborn streak came out to show that they did not like this decision being made without consulting the residents. First they made a major decision to declare their independence within the four walls of the hotel back in 1988. Then Whangamomona was declared a Republic.

Every year Republic Day celebrations swell the Whangamomona Village from around 40 people to around 3000 people. Country activities such as Sheep Races, Gumboot Throwing, Gutbuster Races, Whip Cracking, Possum Skinning, Hold Ups and Shoot Outs all take place in the main street.

The history of the Whangamomona Hotel reflects the colourful and unique nature of the community. This is the second hotel built on this site, built in 1912 after the first hotel burnt down in 1911. The Whangamomona community is proud of their unique history. And the Hotel has a wonderful collection of photos and memorabilia decorating its walls.