Karamea is a town on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The ‘splendid isolation’ of Karamea is part of its appeal. Many adventure activities can be organised here, including caving and kayaking.

Karamea sits at the end of a no-exit highway sandwiched between rain-forested hills and the Tasman Sea. The town serves hikers and adventurers who are looking for a taste of New Zealand wilderness.

Limestone arch formations are a special feature of the area. You can walk to the Oparara Arch, which spans the Oparara River, or venture further to find the Moria Gate Arch. To see the Honeycomb Hill Caves and Arch, you’ll need to book a guided tour.

Karamea is near the southern entrance to the Heaphy Track, a multi-day walk through the Kahurangi National Park. Day walks include the Fenian Track, Mt Stormy and the first leg of the Wangapeka Track.