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Touring New Zealand in 2022-23

Queen Charlotte Sound, South Island NZNew Zealand has seen huge demand from visitors so get in quick….

Aotearoa is gearing up for summer visitors with very strong bookings coming through and filling many tours over the summer months.

Never fear, however, we are on the lookout for you and have highlighted popular tours that are still available for summer 2022-23. These tours have enough availability to allow some flexibility in dates if you need fit in with flight arrangements or have a very specific travel time in mind.

Please be aware: seats are limited for the coming summer. So, we do suggest you act quickly to ensure you don’t miss out. Particularly with respect to tours that are selling out fast — high-demand tours with limited seats.

Our team is here for you and ready to help you choose the tour that’s right for you. Contact us at any stage of your decision making process.